Learning is personal.

Learning has always been personal.

(Our education system was built for institutional efficiency.)

But people are working to change that.

A better future for learners begins

when1person with1idea takes1action

to make education more personal.

{Welcome to the movement.}

We are educators, families, citizens, leaders and learners committed to making education more personal for ourselves and others.

We believe that education is everybody’s business. This is how communities invest in the future, and we all have a difference to make.

{What is new school?}

a personal approach to educating our students

Every person has different interests and abilities. With the system we have today, it can be difficult to serve each person differently. But education works best when we make it personal.


a personal approach to transforming our system

Trying to force people to comply often fails because people don’t truly own the change. Education is for people, by people, and people change education when people make it personal.

New school means making it personal.

{How can I be new school?}

Take personal ownership.

Find your passion. Take action from where you are. Try new ideas. Have a vision and share it. Adopt a forward-looking, optimistic point of view. Be open to change. Push yourself.

Give personal support.

Nurture trusting relationships. Give individual attention. Flex yourself and the system to meet the needs of people. Be a servant leader. Offer encouragement. Be kind and caring.

Create personal partnerships.

Work together, not in isolation. Include all perspectives. Listen for and share the kind truth. Tap the power of everyone. Seek the common good. Invest in shared resources.

Who made education personal for you?

Tap to share your personal experience.

The new school community relies on people like you sharing their first-hand experience about what works. Please help us build a database of real world examples!

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iamnewschool.org is the home on the web for the New School Global Initiative, a community project organized by North Central ESD, aimed at accelerating and supporting the global shift toward flexible, student-centered education.